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Tell Your Story with Web Videos

May 7th, 2014

One of my favourite marketing tools to implement for our clients is our web video packages. Web videos are a fantastic way to put a human face to a business and help differentiate them from the competition. Your typical website will use text and photography to present a company’s products or services. While this type of content is needed, video can offer a more personal look at their story, people and unique offerings. In addition, a well done video is simply more entertaining and easier to watch than static content. According to the Kelsey Group, “Customers are 4x more likely to click on a video than any other web content”.

Video is also a great social media tool. In addition to placing your video on your website, it can be used on your Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn channels or simply inserted into the signature of your email.

Here are a few of the ingredients that make a successful corporate video:

1- Be Human.
This come back to the point of putting a personal voice and face to your video. We are all a little jaded by overly commercial style sales pitches. Just tell your story- honestly and simply. People will relate to this much more.

2- Talk about Benefits instead of Features.
This is true of any marketing efforts. Clients often want to talk about all the technical details and unique features of their product or service. It’s a common occurrence as we are all a little too enmeshed in what we do and tend to look at our offerings from the perspective of an industry insider. However, it’s important to put yourself in your client’s shoes and describe what benefits your business will offer. Things like making our life easier, saving time, increasing revenue and improving your life are what hits more of an emotional chord with your audience.

3- Keep it Short.
Everyone’s time is limited and we’ve become accustomed to instant, on demand information. Keeping your videos to 3 minutes or less will give you more that enough time to get your information across without losing your viewer’s interest. Set the scene, tell your story and end with a strong call to action to encourage your audience to reach out and take the next steps.





At Sparktank, we offer 3 main video packages:

  • Video Testimonials
  • Product Videos
  • Video Ads

Our videos’ streamlined system and affordable pricing has been a big hit with our clients.