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Spectramedia is now Sparktank Creative

January 31st, 2012

The first question I always get when I tell people I am renaming the company  is “Why?” We had established ourselves under the name Spectramedia for over 11 years so why go to all the effort of starting over with a new name? Here’s a little history that will hopefully put that decision in context.

A little history…

The SPECTRA part of the name was a tribute to our former sister company and  family business SPECTRACOLOR Printing. The MEDIA part stemmed from the term “multimedia” which, back in the late nineties, was the buzz word for all things web / video / animation related. Today, attaching the word media to your name can signify a number of things but doesn’t quite fit with the design and website development company we are today.

So where’d we get the name Sparktank?

We spent months coming up with ideas, soliciting opinions and searching for available domain names. The one thing I kept coming back to was the word “spark” because I felt it signified ideas, creativity, and energy- all terms that resonated well with the kind of work that we produce. The tank part is loosely borrowed from the term  “think tank” – a place where you’ll get creativity with some well thought out ideas behind them.

Moving forward.

I’m very excited about the new name, the new website and the future of Sparktank Creative. We look forward to continuing to serve our many wonderful clients and to assist in them in reaching their goals.