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Making A Successful Sale

January 30th, 2012

The AIDCA Approach1

AIDCA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Conviction and Action. The AIDCA approach has been used for many years by sales and marketing professionals as a process for maximizing chances of a successful sale. Use this method in your sales letters, presentations, websites and brochures for maximum success!

Attracting Attention
You need to get the attention of a customer in order to get a sale. Attention can be grabbed by a humorous ad, an introduction by a famous person, a striking design. Whatever your technique is, your aim is to be noticed. Assume that your customer is besieged with propositions and prospects. Carefully design your opening line, whether in writing, on the telephone or in person to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Developing Interest
Capitalize on Attention by turning it into Interest. This depends on understanding a client’s needs and what benefits they are interested in. You are likely to be interested in features, but the client is most interested in benefits or “what’s in it for me?”. Example, “this product will increase your business by 20 to 50 percent”. This statement will not sell the product or service on its own, it will make the client receptive to further information.

Inspiring Desire
Inspiring Desire is achieved through methods such as appealing photography, discounts, preferential payment schemes. These embellishments provide additional attraction and can often tip the scale in the decision process.

Creating Conviction
The customer must be drawn to the conclusion that they must buy from you, and you alone. In advertising terms, you must present the Unique Selling Proposition. This is the attribute that convinces the client that your product is unique or better. Comparing your product with, for example, a more expensive one encourages the Conviction that their buying decision is correct.

Inciting Action
The test of effectiveness is Action. The famous pitch “Act now while supplies last” sums up two key principles: immediacy and urgency. Another method is providing a link to “contact us” to make it easy for the client to complete the sale. You want to give the client an incentive to act now. Otherwise, the sales process may drag on.

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1- Excerpt from “Selling Successfully” by Robert Heller.