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What Does Your Logo Say About You?

October 15th, 2009

The first step in developing a company’s image is generally the logo design. Your logo introduces your name, your colours, your look and your brand to the world. As designers, it is the foundation from which we develop all other print and online marketing materials.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, “…your logo is a visual representation of everything your company stands for…Ideally, your company logo enhances potential customers’ and partners’ crucial first impression of your business. A good logo can build loyalty between your business and your customers, establish a brand identity, and provide the professional look of an established enterprise.”

Essentially, logos are a major factor in building a company brand. In order to get to the heart of that brand, we ask our clients a lot of questions. Examples include:

  • Who’s your audience?
  • What type of image do you want to convey?
  • Who’s your competition?
  • What does your company name mean and is there a tagline associated with it that helps to define your “brand promise”?

Answering these questions is a great exercise for business owners and team members, and inevitably results in everyone becoming much clearer about the company’s objectives. Ultimately, our goal is to come up with a design that speaks to all these points.

So, take a moment to think about your company’s logo. Does it reflect the image you are trying to convey? Does it solicit the emotions and attract the kind of customers you need? You might even want to ask a few people not currently associated with your business what impression they have of your logo and marketing materials. You might be surprised at what you discover.